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At GearBaron we believe in sustainability. That’s why we create every single leggings by hand. And each one is made to last for years.

We know that there are a lot of cheaper brands and competitors out there. But we are also aware that many of them create their clothes in dubious conditions.

GearBaron’s values rest on three pillows: Economic quality, social stability and environmental protection.

Wearing a pair of leggings is more than just covering your legs with fabric. We designed the most comfortable and adaptive leggings made from our unique Smart Fabric™. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying material absorbs more sweat and odor. This keeps you dry and fresh during any activity and demands for less washing and cleaning.

Developing the best products we can is just one aspect of our philosophy. We chose all of our factories, warehouses and sewers carefully and give them a stable working environment within the US or EU.

If you want to wear some great clothes that will serve you well for years to come, that are made in the US and EU in fair conditions and that hug you just the right way, you are very welcome to explore dozens of unique designs that you can choose from. Explore gearbaron.com and find your style.

At GearBaron we are convinced that we are serving you with the best quality on the market. After dozens and dozens of quality controls we are absolutely amazed how far we’ve come and we know that the leggings and sports bras you can find throughout our website are simply the most comfortable ones that you’ve ever worn. You can expect highly individual designs and masterpieces that you won’t find anywhere else and a quality that surpasses even your highest needs and expectations. All of our products are handmade and you’ll instantly get the GearBaron feeling when you put them on!

Every single product that we create is made especially for you – by hand. We print our products on demand. That means our team gets busy with your personal product the moment you place your order on our store. We print, cut and sew your individual product just for you using the highest quality printers and technologies you can find in the world. Because all of this takes a bit of time we hope that you are patient with us. Over 97 percent of all orders are shipped out in under 5 business days and more than half of our orders even in under 3 business days. Once we kiss your order goodbye you’ll get a tracking link so you can count the hours for your new favorite gear to arrive.

GearBaron supports designers, sewers and artisans from around the world and we are super proud to give them stable jobs and incomes in the US and EU.

All of our products are unique masterpieces created carefully by hand with love and dedication to match your highest standards. Every step of the process is handmade and you can instantly see and feel the difference in comparison to ordinary mass production leggings and sports wear.

We are proud and honored to provide full-time jobs to our designers and artisans and are happy to give something back. GearBaron donates a portion of every sold pair of leggings to charity organizations. This is our way of trying to make the world a better place.

Our customer service is happy to answer all of your questions. Simply send us an email to support@gearbaron.com or send us a message using the form that you can find on our contact page. Please have a look at our FAQ page before you send us your questions, because most of the common questions have already been answered there.


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