Philosophy & Process

All of our products are carefully made by hand. We are happy to produce all of our products in the US and EU under fair conditions and provide full-time jobs to designers, printers and sewers. We use only the best printing and sewing techniques in the industry and are constantly educating ourselves and all employees.

Gearbaron came to life because we just weren’t happy with the way the clothing industry was and still is heading. Our modern society us all about consuming as fast and as cheap as possible, but unfortunately this comes at very high costs eventually. We know that there is a high demand for activewear and sports clothing. And everyone loves to wear comfortable leggings all day long. But most of the clothing you’ll find other people wearing is made in more than dubious conditions, which hurts human rights of people in 3rd world counties and destroys our environment. Our whole earth, by polluting landscapes, rivers, seas and subterranean waters. This threatens the life of millions of people in other countries and, in our perception, is just not fair.

Everybody working at GearBaron believes in and lives sustainability. We created a unique and very special Smart Fabric™ that always retains its natural shape and is super durable while ultra-comfortable at the same time. This moisture-wicking and quick drying material absorbs sweat and odor extremely efficient and keeps you dry during your exercises, workouts, yoga classes or during hot days outside. And the best part is that you won’t need to wash your leggings or sports bra after every wear. So you’ll be able to wear your new gear longer without the need to replace them and save water and money while protecting the environment. How much water and resources do you think you can save just by wearing some gorgeous activewear?

All of your ordered items are printed on demand. This means that your product is being made for you individually once you place an order. Now we could tell you a whole lot about materials, printing, cutting and design processes. But you may enjoy a shorter way and we’d like to show you how we do it.

Shipping Process

Our production process is divided in two parts, the printing and the shipping part:

All of our products are printed, cut and sewn by hand. This process takes us 2-7 business days. About 98% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days and 50% within 3 business days or less. We do everything we can to get your product(s) to you as fast as we can, please rest assured.

Shipping times depend on your location, but you will be able to select your choice during your checkout process. Generally speaking we will need between 3-7 business days for shipping to most countries.

Shipping options and costs

Shipping costs vary on the shipping method and your location. We offer Express Shipping to most countries when you need to get your leggings fast. Within the US shipping takes between 1-3 days and we offer this shipping time frame to many countries as well. We are constantly trying to improve our services and negotiate the best shipping prices for you. If we get a better rate we’ll pass all of the savings to you. We don’t benefit from shipping, and we never will. You can see and select all the available shipping methods and costs upfront during the checkout process before placing your order, so you are definitely on the safe side.

All orders over $100 | £100 | 100€ ship for free!

Where our products are produced

We have two factories, one in the US and one in Europe. We produce your individual product in the factory that is closest to your destination or that can ship your order to you in the fastest time possible.

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