how to deal and reduce stress in life

Your Personal Guide to a Stress-Free Life

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Life, with its dynamic nature and constant change, can be quite chaotic to get a grip on. Let’s admit it – not everything is under our control. That fact alone can make us feel uneasy, helpless, and maybe a bit lost. 

Whether it will be personal drama with friends or relatives, work or school deadlines, financial issues, health problems… the list of negatives is nearly infinite if we start digging. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way and it all comes down to a little organization, prioritization, and a healthier and cleaner way of living. 

Stress Affects Our Mind and Body

Apart from being purely unpleasant as an emotion, stress can lead to a range of negative side-effects on our minds and bodies. Even if you’re not feeling an immediate reaction in your body (and in severely stressful situations you most likely are), certain physical reactions are triggered. Sometimes you may even confuse the reactions and blame other factors for them.

Remember your last headache or last time you had difficulty falling asleep? When did you last feel your heart rate changing or your productivity dropping?  Well, these are all symptoms related to stress. 

Some of the most commonly seen physical reactions also include:

  • Muscle tension or pain
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Change in sex drive
  • Stomach discomfort

And that’s not all.

Stress can also influence your mood and behavior around family, friends, colleagues, or other social circles. It can trigger behavior such as:

  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to concentrate or feel motivated
  • Irritability and anger
  • Sadness and depression

So what can you do to prevent stress from prevailing in your life?

Saying Goodbye to Stress

The first step to omitting stress in your life is to recognize it. This may sound straightforward but in reality, may turn out to be more difficult than it sounds. It takes thorough observation to spot the things that actually push your stress buttons. As you can imagine, these will be different for everyone, depending on personality. However, coping with stress can be captured in a few steps or tips that can turn your life into a happier and more peaceful journey. 

Let’s see what we can do!

Start the day early

There is a reason why so many successful people around the world share that they have a habit of waking up early. Morning routines are extremely important for a fresh start of the day and a preparation of the mind and body for the tasks ahead. 

Apart from a time when you can collect your thoughts and focus on the day ahead, the mornings are ideal for quick meditations or home exercises. Get into your favorite pair of leggingsand set the conditions of a successful day. Not to mention that waking up early will make you more alert and will give you enough time to acclimate to the day. 

Regular Meditation

We already touched the topic of meditation in the previous tip but we found it so important that we chose to dedicate a special section for it in this article. For those of you who haven’t tried meditation – there is no need to worry. Meditation does take some time to master but it will work wonders even if you’re not exactly a pro at it.

Meditating on a regular basis will help you keep a clear head, think positive, and hit the restart button on your mind and body. It is also great for pushing away negativity and stressful thoughts. You can practice meditating for a few minutes every day to form a habit of clearing your mind. 

Get info comfortable clothes, set the atmosphere with some candles and relaxing music, close your eyes, and let go. Keep a focus on your breathing pattern and acknowledge when you inhale and exhale. The idea is to empty all of your thoughts and balance your inner world, welcoming peach and harmony in your day. 

Try Yoga 

Yoga is an extremely powerful method to relieve stress. It is a practice, which aims to teach your body how to clean out stress and train the mind to be more stable and resilient. It has been prescribed as an effective method to curing a wide array of illnesses, clearing a range of issues, diagnoses, and stressful events. 

Through yoga, you can teach your mind to live in the present and develop better awareness. There is a lot of research behind the relationship between yoga and the mind. Experts have concluded that there is, in fact, chemical change is taking place during yoga practice, which positively influences your mental and physical states. 

In short, when you practice yoga, the release of gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is stimulated. GABA has the ability to suppress neural activity and imitates the properties of an anti-anxiety drug. In other words, practicing yoga can make you feel as if you’ve had a cocktail or two. This can be used to your advantage if you’re looking to push the restart button on your brain and start clean, with no stressful thoughts or negative emotions.

Choose a nice pair of yoga leggings and start slow with beginner yoga poses. 

Stay Concentrated

One of the most commonly seen reasons for feeling stressed is the inability to control a certain situation or losing focus. As humans, we tend to feel relaxed and happy as long as we have a goal and a clear path to reaching our objectives. However, distractions from our daily routines can sometimes get in the way, making us feel lost and unable to continue our path as planned. 

Try to stay as concentrated as possible on your daily tasks. Step by step, plan what needs to happen in order for you to reach your goals. This will not only make you more productive but it will also save you time wondering what comes next. Believe us, concentration is a true stress killer!

Say No to Distractions

In the highly digital world that we live in today, distractions are everywhere. It is almost impossible to escape as we are constantly connected to devices, where the flow of information is astonishing. However, if you’re looking to limit the stress in your life, it might be useful to put a pause on such distractions, at least once in a while.

Virtual presence is inevitable and certainly useful, as long as you know when to say no. Put aside an hour or two a day when you turn off your mobile phone, laptop, television, and all that you are left with is social interaction or your thoughts. This can also be a great time to try meditation or yoga. 

Clean Out the Clutter In Your Life

You might not see this at first, but clutter does create stress in your life. And there is an explanation for this. 

Clutter at home can easily be compared to clutter in your mind. The more unorganized and full of objects you are, the higher the chance that your mind is pact with thoughts, dilemmas, and untidy information. Not to mention that clutter can also make you a bit anti-social, especially if you feel uncomfortable inviting friends over to a messy apartment. 

Too much stuff can make it difficult to feel freedom at home. It will only take you up to an hour or two to put away everything that you find unnecessary and organize all that is left.

Avoid Procrastinating 

Only those of you who’ve left unfinished work for later will understand how stressful the effects of procrastinating are. Procrastinating is heavily dependent on your tendency to get distracted easily or lacking focus throughout the day. 

Especially if you work under tight deadlines – it can turn your days into a nightmare.

Planning ahead and staying on schedule will certainly help you breathe easier and feel lighter. Keep a diary by your side and tick off your completed tasks. You will be surprised how rewarded and satisfied it will make you feel. Try to form a habit of getting through the tasks on your to-do list for the day without leaving anything for tomorrow.

Let’s Summarize 

As you can see, it turns out that stress can be put aside with some perseverance and strong will. It is certainly worth the investment of time and energy. Living a stressful life and allowing negative thoughts into your life can have serious consequences in the long run. 

Sometimes the smallest details have the power to influence us in a way, which opens up other reactions such as disease, disorders, or inability to cope with daily activities. 

Unlock your true potential by pushing away the stress following these simple tips. Some of them may seem difficult at first but with a little practice, you will start noticing the results. Become comfortable in your mind and body by starting fresh with meditation or yoga. We’re here to support you with comfortable and reliable equipment that will turn the activity into something you will be looking forward to.

We hope this guide to releasing stress will come in handy and help you organize a balanced and stress-free life.

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