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What is the meaning of the mandala pattern on your printed leggings?

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Printed leggings have become a popular trend regardless of age, culture, or profession. They are the perfect way to embrace your favorite sport, enjoy some calmness while indulging in yoga, or simply meditate to release any acquired stress and continue the day with a smile. 

Besides being super comfortable, ideal for traveling, flexibility, and perfect body shapers, they also have another important benefit. Printed leggings are the ultimate way to show some personality by choosing the prints which best vibrate with your inner self. The choice of color and pattern on our clothes can also be an essential factor in shaping our mood, boosting our motivation, and keeping our happiness levels high. Comfort and fashion put together to bring the perfect solution – printed leggings.

You may have come across a certain type of printed leggings which are eye-grabbing and soul-pleasing – mandala printed leggings. Although you may not be familiar with the term mandala, chances are that you have seen this pure beauty on clothing, art, wall decorations, and more. Mandalas hold a special place in the spiritual word and are a top choice for printed leggings by those in search of peace, harmony, and balance. But what are mandalas and what is the meaning behind their beauty?

What is a mandala?

The world of mandalas is far more deep and complex than we may predict after taking our first glance at them. Deriving from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures, mandala translated from Sanskrit means “circle”. And this is exactly what mandalas look like – circles interlinked with other shapes to form a sophisticated piece of art with a lot of hidden meaning. The geometric shapes in a mandala may not always include circles only. You can see anything from triangles, squares, and other forms in a mandala. Mandala artists are often extremely creative and the design may end up being a complete mystery to the observer.

The different forms used in a mandala also have their own, unique symbolism. Let’s look at what they can represent:

Circle – a depiction of the inner energy, one’s soul, the cosmos, and a door to harmony and concentration

Triangle – a sign of transformation, energy, resilience, and higher harmony

Square – a representation of the divine, symbol of the temple, especially used in Tibet

Star – these shapes are also often positioned in the mandala pattern and can represent freedom and clergy 

Heart – as in other forms of art, the heart is a symbol of love, solar unity, warmth, and happiness

However, there is one thing that unites all mandalas – their general purpose and meaning. Mandalas aim to provide a balance of visual elements and to represent unity and harmony. To do this, mandala artists use a range of shapes and colors to depict the ultimate cosmic love and balance. 

We can uncover the hidden meaning behind a mandala by analyzing its colors as well:

White – depicts purity, light, and clarity

Black or gray – the colors of the new, death of the old, mystery, invincibility

Red – a representation of passion, impulsiveness, strength, and love. The color can also be a representation of anger or lust for life.

Blue – symbolizes peace, serenity, and relaxation. It can be a representation of the complete cleanliness and purity of the mind.

Yellow – the color of enlightenment, wisdom, envy, and the increase in self-esteem

Green – connected to the processes we associate the color within nature, green represents growth, nature, ambition, and hope

Violet – the magical color, which stands for spirituality and inspiration

The circle in mandalas

The circle is a powerful element used as the foundation of the mandala pattern. The circle is very popular in religions and traditions, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circle and more specifically their presence in mandalas were used in India and across the Himalaya to establish symbolic relationships and connect the universe and the spirit into one whole. 

The shape of a circle also represents the beginning of time or Mother Earth. It is known to possess feminine energy and creates a sacred space wherever used. There are a range of cultures which use the circle as the main shape for a number of rituals, beliefs, and certainly art purposes.

The origin of the mandala pattern

We slightly touched upon the fact that mandalas are related mainly to Tantric Hindu and Tantric Buddhism, as well as Jainism. They take a central role in a range of Asian traditions such as meditation, for instance. There is no limit regarding the creation of a mandala and they can be put on paper, wood, stone, cloth, or used for wall décor. In part of the world, where mandalas have secured their sacred place in history and beliefs, like Tibet, they can even be a dominant architectural structure serving for the creation of whole temples.

The Western world was first introduced to the mandala thanks to Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst from Sweden. He found the mandala pattern extremely intriguing and quickly discovered its therapeutic characteristics and abilities. According to Jung, mandalas had the power to symbolize the psychological and spiritual self, as well as to help an individual gain a better understanding of life and spirit thanks to the patterns. Jung actively used mandalas in the treatment of his patients and believed that when they concentrate on mandalas their deeper human consciousness can be awakened and become enlightened on a whole new level, at which the individual was able to explore the full potential of the wholeness of the self. 

In ancient Eastern art, mandalas have been greatly used with the aim of helping people connect their mind and body, recover lost focus, build self-esteem, and improve their concentration by establishing a true connection with the inner self. 

How can we use mandalas?

Mandalas can be used in a range of ways to improve your well-being and recover the inner harmony that we all naturally possess. The process of drawing mandalas is believed to be extremely therapeutic and can help people with depression or anxiety deal with stress and improve their condition. Mandala patterns can also be of help when trying to understand your subconscious. If you try to create a mandala it may be interesting to observe it by looking at the choice of shapes and colors to uncover what your mood was at the time of creation.

In addition, if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot afford to spend hours drawing, worry not! There is still a solution! Mandalas are nowadays sold in different shapes and sized. The pattern can be applied to different types of texture. You can purchase mandala beddings, add a mandala décor to your home’s walls, buy a mandala coffee mug for the best morning starts, or place a mandala rug under your feet in the living room. The best part is that mandalas can be a part of your outfit, which is certainly a mood-booster. Mandala patterned leggings are a great example of how the pattern can work its magic without necessarily putting in the effort of being the creator yourself.

Different mandala patterned leggings will have different meanings based on the points we discussed earlier. To get the most of your leggings search for the pattern which best represents your true self and with which you feel a stronger connection. Mandalas have been described as being extremely powerful and even possessing the ability to almost speak to you. Their shapes and colors will certainly ring a bell in your mind when you have spotted the perfect one for you!

Choosing the best-patterned leggings for you

Now that you have selected the perfect mandala pattern for you, make sure that the patterned leggings are also the best choice. In order to stay comfy and relaxed at all times, there are a few tips to consider before making your purchase:

Select the right cut

Leggings can range in length and can be full-length, Capri, basic, boot-cut, cropped athletic, and more. Depending on your needs and aims, select the one that will make you feel the most comfortable in your outfit.

Choice of fabric

As leggings are often purchased with the aim of exercising and performing certain activities, the quality of the fabric is an essential part of the product. Even when your attention is completely captured by the stunning beauty of the patterns, don’t forget to check what the fabric is.

Now that you are familiar with the hidden nature of mandalas chances are that the next time you see one you will be able to fully appreciate the beauty and the deep meaning behind the patterns. Mandalas can be an extremely pleasing accessory that can improve everyday life simply by observing and indulging in its purity. Exercising with mandala patterned leggings can recover your concentration, improve your mood, help you connect with your inner self and establish harmony and balance – a magical product that is certainly worth the try!

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