what is athleisure?

What is Athleisure?

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The word athleisure seems to be everywhere around us nowadays. It surrounds us every step of our way and somehow it has managed to become a central part of our lives. When was the last time you took a pause and grabbed a moment to question what was behind the word, in reality? How well do we understand what athleisure is and are we actually able to use it in our everyday lives?

Today, we have dedicated the article exactly to that – athleisure. We will look into what the word is, explore everything that it carries underneath, and see how you can make the most of it, both from a modern and functional point of view.

Let’s start, there is a lot to cover!

The meaning behind athleisure

The word athleisure represents a certain style of clothing, which is typically worn during sports or other athletic activities. It is certainly not limited to settings strictly related to sports, however. Athleisure can be worn to school, work, the gym, or even for a casual dinner at the local restaurant. Athleisure today is more than purely a way of dressing up, it is more of a lifestyle.

Others who have tried to define the word have referred to athleisure as the perfect balance between style and comfort. It has turned into a fashion trend, which has won the hearts of many around the world, regardless of age, profession, or culture. Athleisure is a cool and trendy fashion statement that keeps your soul alive and your body comfy and joyful. It is almost as if the fashion trend helps you carry around the energy born in the gym or as a result of a good workout. 

Trust us, once you try it, it is difficult to go back. But what does it actually comprise of?

Athleisure clothing – a closer look

Wardrobe items such as leggings, oversized hoodies, denim jackets, sneakers, and cotton caps are all part of the athleisure movement. And who doesn’t love them? Combined well, these items can be worn to literally any place or occasion you choose. It’s important to note that the category of clothing has the intention to look athletic but in fact, it is not necessary for it to have any special technical function. 

Let’s face it – we would all do anything just to feel the comfort of our gym clothes outside the gym. And today, you no longer need to be a dedicated athlete to look amazing in athleisure. If you’ve ever found yourself combining your favorite workout leggings or joggers with a large hoodie, which is certainly not your size but bigger – thumbs up! You have already had a taste of the style. 

Athleisure is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon and according to fashion gurus – it is here to stay. But where did it come from?

The origins of athleisure

The birth of athleisure is tightly related to Chip Wilson – a British Columbian retail entrepreneur who was suffering from back problems in 1997. His discomfort led him to visit a yoga class, where he was astonished by the choice of clothing of his yoga instructor. The choice of “pants” was incredible for Wilson – a material that acted like a second skin and managed to bring out the best in the individual’s body. 

Wilson felt a strong motivation to mass-produce this piece of clothing and make it available to others, not only yoga instructors. He chased his dream and opened a yoga design-and-fashion business and his first stone in Vancouver was called Lululemon. It is believed that it was exactly Lululemon that triggered the global fashion revolution we call athleisure or activewear today. The movement slowly eliminated the barriers between yoga class clothing and clothes you would wear out on the street. 

The mentality behind athleisure is to bring out an athletic-look fashion that can look stunning and not only be used for working out. 

Can yoga pants go with anything?

yoga pants athleisure definition

Which brings us to the question – if athleisure or activewear can be looked at as style that is not limited to the gym – can it be mixed with anything? Let’s take legging, for instance, the cornerstone o athleisure. Experts reveal that cotton leggings are, in fact, among the best choices if you’re going for the athleisure style. They are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you could possibly imagine and they lack the shiny synthetic appearance, which is more suitable for hitting the gym. 

Leggings are also a safe way to get through the day in one outfit, especially if you’re into the super-chic, zero-effort athleisure look. Not to mention that leggings are usually made from an extremely breathable material, meaning that they go easy on the skin and are suitable for any season. So how do you mix them up to create a stunning outfit?

To play it safe, it is advisable to prepare your wardrobe with a pair of leggings in different hues. Black is something you will always need. Gray, deep blue, burgundy, and green are other suggestions, which may come in handy as they are all colors, which are easy to combine with different tops. Choose your favorite cotton tank top or cozy cotton knit or with your best cut-out tees. On top, why not go for a soft hoodie or an extra-large and long denim jacket. The choice of color for the denim jacket is also not to be underestimated. Black plays a great role here to create a casual feel to the look. Finally, complete the look with canvas sneakers or flats and you are ready to rock any venue of your choice.

Can you dress up yoga leggings?

The short answer is of course. If you’ve had a long day at work and you are heading straight to dinner afterward, what can you do to make your outfit work wonders without changing? Preparation in advance is key! 

If you are looking to free up your leggings and are hoping for a stylish but comfortable look, here’s what you need to do. Choose a pair of leggings that are more durable and maybe with an accent that you can use to your advantage. For instance, choose a pair with a stripe or seam to resemble trousers. There is no need to worry about comfort as they will still be leggings, after all. Put on a simple patterned blouse. You can go for a super-sexy look with an off the shoulder choice or gingham printed. Instead of finishing the look with a pair of sneakers, choose heels that you feel will nicely complement the look. Plain black heels will always do the trick but if you prefer a bolder look, choose something colorful. 

Feel free to make the outfit even more difficult to ignore by adding a statement necklace or earrings that will finish the look completely. With an outfit like this, you can go for dinner after work, see your favorite movie on a cinema date, or have a cocktail or two at a bar. Even with leggings, you will look gorgeous and stylish without having to make a compromise with comfort! And the best part – the same look can be worn to work. 

Athleisure is a beautiful movement that you can take advantage of regardless of your age. It is a wonderful way to stay young-spirited and comfortable while at the same time pleasing your fashion senses. Choose from our range of leggings and match them to your outfit according to your own personal taste. After all, the beauty of fashion is that everyone has a place in the fashion world with their uniqueness and creative spark. 

Choosing a one-colored pair of leggings like our Mint 2 Azure yoga leggings is a great first step on your journey to the athleisure style. Following the tips found above you will find yourself a master of this fashion movement in no time. 

We hope we have helped you gain more insight into what athleisure is and have provided useful advice that will come in handy when you next have doubts about leggings. Be brave and wear your leggings proudly!

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