top 10 reasons to try yoga

Top Reasons to Give Yoga a Try

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Yoga is among the practices that have been around for centuries but still manages to surprise with its vast potential and healing power. Practicing yoga has become a popular method to create harmony between mind and body, establish inner peace, and strengthen the physical condition of the human body. You certainly don’t have to be an expert on yoga or spend years meditating and practicing asanas in order to exploit the benefits provided by the practice.

reasons to try yoga
Yoga has various positive aspects on the body and soul

The top 10 reasons to try Yoga

If you are a regular yogi, chances are that you have already started spotting a few positive side effects of the activity. On the other hand, if you have little to no experience with yoga and are wondering whether it is something worth trying, buckle up! We have prepared a list of the top reasons why you may want to try yoga. Here we go!

1. Improves the posture

Have you thought about how many hours a day you spend sitting in a chair? Although your office space may be well equipped with high-end furniture and comfortable chairs, there are high chances that you are not sitting perfectly straight and well positioned at all times. A good posture is the foundation of a healthy spine, neck, back and more. Placing the head directly over an erect spine, the neck and back muscles are relieved from some weight. On the other hand, if the head is placed a few inches forward – more pressure is put on the muscles. 

Poor posture can have a serious influence on your back, neck, and other muscles or joints in the body. It can also be a cause leading to fatigue and a sense of tiredness. Yoga offers a solution via a range of stretches and poses, which aim to improve the posture.

2. Works for stronger muscles

When we speak of yoga you may not imagine a body builder’s body at first. The practice is associated predominantly with balance, flexibility, and a peaceful mind. Although all of the above is valid, it is worth noting that yoga puts pressure on the muscles too. There are different types of yoga and especially those such as Ashtanga yoga can guarantee an improvement in the body strength. 

Maintaining healthy and strong muscles is not only essential from a visual perspective, but it also plays a role in our health. For instance, strong muscles can help us avoid arthritis or back pain and can ensure more stability during older age. The good news is that both muscles and flexibility are trained at the same time when practicing yoga, meaning that the two will develop at an equal speed. 

3. A great activity for more flexibility

Flexibility is among the core areas that are developed almost immediately once you start practicing yoga. Don’t let advanced classes scare you off and give yourself some time to gradually adapt to the poses and you will notice that your body is able to respond. At first, you may not even be able to touch your toes, especially if your current lifestyle does not include any regular stretching. However, in a few weeks’ time, you will start to see a change. Depending on your body, in a month you may be able to perform seemingly impossible poses. 

In addition, previous pain that you may have suffered from is likely to start disappearing as a result of the loosening.

Make sure that your yoga clothes permit you to go all in when it comes to flexibility. It is a great idea to try our printed yoga leggings for maximum comfort and range. 

4. Develops a stronger spine

The human spine is among the most essential parts of the body as it is given the responsibility of carrying the body and ensuring it is well balanced and functional. In order to keep a healthy spine, movement is required. The spinal disks, which are the shock absorbers positioned between the vertebrae and compress nerves, demand motion as it is the only way via which they receive essential nutrients. 

A lot of asana movements can have a positive influence on the spine as they include backbends, forward bends, and twists. This way, you can ensure that your disks are kept happy and healthy.

5. A natural anxiety relief

It’s worth noting that yoga’s benefits are not restricted to the physical body. The practice is also positive for the mind and can even help in the fight with anxiety. Anxiety is a commonly seen condition which can affect individuals of any age. It can be a result of a stressful lifestyle, insecurity, social pressure, low self-esteem, and more. The stressful condition can also be a reflection of living in the past or future without the ability to appreciate the present moment.

Research has revealed that yoga can have a positive effect on anxiety, without the need to take standard medication, which can have a series of negative side-effects in the long term. It can be perceived as a natural remedy, which can help individuals relax, release the stress, and focus their mind on the present. 

6. Yoga improves balance

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or Acrobat to be in need of good and stable balance. Balance is something we all need, sometimes in times where we don’t fully realize it. The range of poses that yoga offers mainly focuses on developing better balance. Some will include standing on one leg, while others, more advanced poses, will require inversions, where the focus is on building core strength. The developed core strength can be used for standing upright and in a stable position at all times.

Especially if your hobby or profession is related to balance-demanding activities, yoga can certainly be of use. 

7. Improves your breathing

We often underestimate, neglect, and pay little attention to our breathing patterns. Without breathing there is no life and it is essential to fully understand the importance of this process. Yoga can teach us to pay more attention to our breathing and even offers breathing exercises, which are referred to as pranayama. Different breathing practices which are part of yoga can teach and train the body to maintain certain types of breath patterns, which are believed to be beneficial for the body.

Proper breathing can treat a range of allergies, can clear the nasal passages, and can be soothing for the nervous system. 

8. Yoga improves bone health

If not taken care of, the body’s bones often deteriorate and weaken as the individual ages. It has been proven that weight-bearing exercises have a positive influence on bone health as it strengthens and revives the bones. For instance, osteoporosis can be fought off by maintaining healthy and strong bones. 

Some types of yoga, especially Ashtanga, require you to lift your own weight. Even the more basic types of yoga are likely to include the Downward and Upward-Facing Dog, which is extremely beneficial for the art bones. By performing such practices, the bone density in the vertebrae is increased, leading to more stability and strength. Furthermore, it may be interesting to share that yoga can also reduce the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) and ensure there is enough calcium in the bones.

9. Yoga results in better blood flow

Blood flow or circulation is an essential part of the normal function of the body. Yoga can certainly help in getting your blood flowing and improving the circulation, especially when it comes to the hands and feet. 

If we analyze the process in more depth, the movements associated with yoga push more oxygen to the cells. When there is more oxygen, the cells are able to work better. For instance, some of the twisting yoga poses have the ability to push out venous blood from internal organs and stimulate more oxygenated blood to travel in when the twist is released. On the other hand, headstands or handstands can help venous blood from the legs and pelvis to travel back to the heart. From there, it is pumped to the lungs and oxygenated. 

Yoga also plays an important role in boosting and maintaining hemoglobin levels and red blood cells. As a result, it can be said that the practice is helpful in preventing heart attacks and strokes. 

10. Boosts your heart rate

Although some types of yoga may not exactly be like a cardio workout, the practice does have the ability to up your heart rate and keep it in good condition. Developing the habit of keeping your heart rate into the aerobic range on a regular basis can be a way to prevent heart attack. The method can also be used to tackle depression. 

benefits of yoga on your body and soul

If you are interested in increasing your heart rate for health purposes via yoga, check the yoga types which are more aerobic in nature. 

As a conclusion, we can say that overall, yoga is a great choice for lifting your spirit, keeping your body active and healthy, and finding your inner balance. Regardless of whether you choose to practice yoga in a group or prefer to concentrate on your own at home, the practice is beneficial for a wide array of body functions. Choose the right yoga style for you and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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