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Step-by-step Guide For Setting Up A Yoga Studio At Home

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Are you looking for a way to keep your mind and body healthy, bring back calmness and balance in your life, and at the same time work on your flexibility?

Well, the good news is that we have the right solution for you – yoga

Beginners in yoga can sometimes feel uncertain and a bit stressed when making their first steps. This is all due to the discomfort of uncertainty but worry not – practicing yoga is not something you should push yourself with. Instead, give your body enough time to adapt and become confident in the specific movements.

How to practice yoga at home

The best part of yoga is that it can be practiced at home, where there are no distractions and a better chance of reaching a state of inner peace and balance. 

So how can you prepare your living space for a nice and quiet yoga session? We’ll share some advice with you and walk through the different steps of setting up a yoga studio at home.

Get your yoga leggings out! 

Here we go!

What are the benefits of yoga?

Before we start we thought it may useful to see why we should start practicing yoga in the first place. Is it because we will give our bodies the chance to perform movements that we thoughts were impossible? Is it to calm down our nerves and say goodbye to stress? Or is it a way to reconnect with our inner selves and unlock our true potential?

Well, all of the above!

Yoga is an incredible philosophy, which brings together mind, body, and soul. It offers significant benefits for the body and tones up the muscles, improves flexibility, and strengthens respiration. Yoga is also a great source of energy and vitality, helps for a balanced metabolism, and can even assist you with your weight-loss plan. 

Apart from its vast range of physical benefits, it offers a rich pool of positive results for the mind as well! Spending a few minutes a day on the yoga matt in relaxation without even performing difficult yoga postures and poses and turn out more beneficial than you’ve ever thought. Your personal yoga session is a great way to spend some time on your inner self, clear your mind of negative thoughts, gain more focus on the present moment, and improve your concentration.

These are not even all of the benefits that yoga has to offer but if we were to list all of them, this article would probably become infinite. 

So let’s move on and see what we need to do in order to create the perfect yoga space at home.

Do your research. 

Before creating a yoga area at home it will be useful to know what a yoga space looks like in the first place. It may be worth your time to try a few yoga classes at first to get the feeling of the created atmosphere.

You will notice that most yoga studios have an extremely calm vibe. The décor usually includes candles, natural materials such as wood, and different aromatherapy products.

Once you’ve noticed a few reoccurring factors that seem to be common for several yoga studios, make a note and start your preparation!

Choose your yoga spot.

The first and most important step to creating the ultimate home-based yoga studio is choosing the perfect spot in your living space. As you can imagine, the quiet, clean, and somewhat abandoned parts of your home will be a great option. 

In order to get the most of your yoga session, you should feel as comfortable as possible in the chosen space. If you have a favorite room at home that is something like your getaway place, think about redesigning it to fit the purpose of a yoga zone. 

Make sure that there is enough space for you to move around and perform different asanas. At least 9 feet by 9 feet (2.7 m by 2.7m) is the recommended space for a nice yoga session with no worries or stress about having enough room.  

Tidy up the chosen area.

Minimalist design is at the core of yoga studios. And there is a reason for this trend.

Yoga focuses on clearing the mind of negative thoughts and putting away everything that is unnecessary. In a similar way, the space in which the yogi practice is usually clean and empty of clutter. Also, the more belongings that you have around you, the easier it is to get distracted during your session. 

Once you have become comfortable with the way you are performing your asanas, remove any mirrors in the room, which can also be a cause for distractions. They should only be used for training purposes while learning how to perform a certain movement.

Get the lighting right.

If you’ve done your research before starting to organize your yoga studio at home, you’ve probably noticed that most yoga studios have dimmer light and the option to adjust the lighting. 

The beginning and end of the yoga session is usually the time when the lights are lighter as a way to offer a gradual adaptation into the atmosphere. As the session progresses, the lights normally become dimmer to ease the process of meditation or relaxation. 

You can take advantage of natural light if there is a window in your chosen yoga space. However, be careful about noise and distractions from outside. It will be useful to choose a time of day when your local area is quiet and peaceful. 

Make sure the temperature is comfortable.

The perfect yoga studio at home will offer you a bonus of controlling the room temperature at all times.  

Getting the temperature right is extremely unique for every person and can’t really be dictated by experts or yoga teachers. Ideally, warmer temperatures are more beneficial and will make stretching easier as the muscles relax better when exposed to warm temperature. 

Try practicing in different conditions to see what works best for you and how you feel most comfortable. You can even discover that you need to amend the temperature across different parts of the yoga session, depending on your asanas or postures. 

Prepare in advance with yoga equipment.

Yoga equipment is the next important thing to consider when setting up your own, personal home-based yoga studio. 

When talking about essentials – a yoga matt is all that you will need and all that you can’t really complete your session without. Of course, if you have forgotten about the yoga matt you can experiment by placing a blanket under your body but we don’t guarantee the result. 

If you are looking to fully equip your yoga studio at home, you may want to include a strap, bolsters, blankets, pillows, foam blocks, or any other accessories to help you with certain postures that are harder to perform when compared to the rest.

Choosing what to wear during your yoga session at home is another important factor that falls under this category. Yoga leggings are the perfect solution, combined with a sports bra that will ensure your comfort throughout the full session. 

Ensure easy access to TV or computer for easy changing. 

Practicing yoga at home is likely to require some technological equipment as well. You may want to start your sessions with yoga videos or tutorials, where you can find detailed instructions on new yoga asanas or yoga poses. 

If videos are not your thing and you prefer to carry on according to personal knowledge or intuition, then maybe you want to play relaxing music during your yoga journey. 

Regardless, you will need to have quick and easy access to a device. Having to stand up and walk around the room is certainly a distraction you want to avoid at all times. Organize your yoga area in a way that gives you close access to your music speakers, laptop, or computer and ensure that everything will go according to plan. 

Always have a towel and a water bottle by your side. 

Last but not least, don’t forget about your towel and water bottle. It is very common to feel dehydrated during yoga practice, especially if you are fond of practicing more physically demanding asanas, such as those typical for Ashtanga yoga.

Your yoga towel is also likely to be used on numerous occasions during the practice and it may even be a good idea to prepare a few towels just in case. Especially if you prefer performing asanas in a heated room with higher temperatures it is essential to think ahead and be prepared for some healthy sweating!

Your home yoga studio is now ready!

Congratulations, you are now prepared to organize the ultimate yoga studio at home and enjoy the numerous benefits the practice provides. 

Once you get used to your new yoga studio at home and you’ve mastered the preparation part of the journey, you can invite friends over for a shared yoga session! Just make sure that there is enough room space for your friends.

We hope that our guide comes in handy and helps you create the best yoga studio for your home!

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