how to wear and combine your leggings in winter

How to Wear Leggings Like a Fashion Guru This Winter

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It’s winter season again and we’re excited to reveal some of the hottest trends when it comes to our favorite piece of sportswear – leggings. If you’ve browsed around on our site, by now you’ve probably noticed how passionate we are about this piece of equipment. 

Leggings are not only extremely stylish from a fashion perspective but they come along with a full box of positives. They are easy to combine with other clothing to create a complete casual or more stylish look. However, we’re not looking forbeauty alone.  Leggings are also incredibly comfortable to wear, protective on the skin, and provide all the freedom your body needs for performing stretches or more flexibility-requiring exercises. In short, leggings are purely amazing. 

In this article, we want to share with you some of the tips and tricks to wearing leggings like an absolute fashion idol. Take them out for a walk, to the yoga studio, or for dinner with friends or your loved one. The opportunities are endless! See for yourself. 

Tips on wearing your leggings during winter

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Are you sad to tuck away your comfortable collection of colorful or stylish leggings? Don’t worry – you don’t really need to do that! We’ll show you how you can wear your favorite leggings all winter without sacrificing your health or style. 

Leggings are an extremely comfortable piece of clothing that can literally save your day. It’s always a good idea to have a few pairs of leggings at home as you never know when they can come in handy. Especially if you are fond of working out in the gym or releasing stress through yoga, you are probably already familiar with the numerous benefits of wearing leggings. 

However, when it comes to the coldest season of the year, you may be a bit reluctant to continue making this comfort a piece of your outfit as most leggings are not very protective in the lower temperatures. The good news is that we have a few suggestions that may help!

What you SHOULD do when wearing leggings in the coldest season

Let’s start from the dos when it comes to wearing your comfortable leggings during winter. 

Combine your leggings with an oversized knit 

Oversized knits are amazing! Really, if you haven’t tried wearing one – now is the time. Not only are they the perfect way to stay warm when the temperatures start to drop but they add extra comfort that is difficult to match. 

Wearing a chunky and warm knit paired with leggings looks completely stunning and is a great way to dress for a walk in the park, a casual dinner with friends, or a visit to the local restaurant. Of course, this outfit isn’t too fancy, unless combined with stylish accessories, a special hairdo, and of course – makeup to support the look. When it comes to color, it is advisable to make sure that either the leggings or the knit are one-colored to avoid a color burst but of course, this will depend on personal preference and taste. 

Choose the right pair of leggings

This may seem straightforward but there is a list this suggestion has made its way to our list of tips. Selecting the right pair of leggings can make or break your overall look and will shape the way you feel. 

Size is absolutely crucial when it comes to making the right choice. The ideal pair is the one that will not be too tight or too loose. Although leggings are created to beautifully shape your body, they should not be so tight that the pattern of the worn underwear is revealed. Use them to your advantage to show the curves of your body. 

Length is another point to consider. Most leggings will end just above the ankle. If your leggings are too long or too short, it may be time to find new ones.

Mix and match with a long top

Similar to chunky, oversized knits, long tops are another piece of outfit that fits together with leggings. And it does so brilliantly! 

Now is the time to get a bit classier and reveal that leggings can be worn for a more stylish outfit. Choose your favorite long top and see just how perfectly it goes in a combination with leggings. Especially if the leggings are black – the options are infinite. This same advice can be used for workouts if the long top is chosen is more casual and suitable for sports. 

Combining your leggings with a long top is also a great way to feel comfortable if you’ve gained a few kilograms during winter (don’t worry – we all do!). 

Combine with your new winter coat

One of the best things about winter is that we get to pull out our favorite stylish coats! There are so many options that it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the shopping lists. Coats usually have a longer length and successfully cover the hips and lower parts of the body, making them a perfect combination for leggings. 

Choose a belted coat and your favorite pair of leggings and see for yourself! The result is mind-blowing. The body silhouette created by this mix is difficult to ignore!

Make the most of shirt-dresses

We have an interesting theory behind this one. If you think about it, leggings are somewhere in the middle between pants and tights. Well, guess what – a similar phenomenon can be seen with shirt-dresses. Use these two hybrids together and wear the outfit with confidence. 

What to AVOID when using leggings during winter 

Now that we’ve covered some of the dos when it comes to welcoming winter with leggings, it’s time to move on to the don’ts as they are equally important to get the perfect look and stay warm and cozy. 

Remember, the listed suggestions are only there to help but if they don’t match your personal preferences – feel free to make your own style and wear your leggings according to your own style. After all, this is how innovation is born!

Don’t substitute pants with leggings.

It’s important that leggings are leggings and pants and pants. When you start picking out your outfit, try to avoid thinking of leggings as pants. It is advisable to always combine them with a longer top to ensure that you are not revealing too many curves, especially if the chosen leggings are made of thinner material. 

You may be surprised by how thin some leggings can be if you have not purchased them from a high-quality retailer or manufacturer. Always double-check to see if they provide enough coverage for you to feel comfortable.

Don’t combine with the wrong shoes as this can ruin the look.

Just as in the case with pants, jeans, or any other clothing for the bottom half of the body – the right choice of shoes is essential. 

Leggings go very well with boots and can even be combined with heels, as long as you have chosen a suitable pair of leggings for a more fancy and classy outfit. However, it must be noted that not all boots or heels will fit the look and it is important to do as many tests as possible. If you are thinking of buying new shoes, it may be a good idea to wear your leggings to the shopping center and try shoes on directly with them to see the result as realistically as possible. 

Don’t use your leggings only with sportswear. 

Unless you have purchased your leggings with the sole purpose of going to the gym, then this tip does not concern you. However, for those of you looking for broader use of this amazing piece of clothing – don’t limit yourself to sportswear only. 

Above we have provided a range of tips on how you can combine your leggings with clothing, suitable for different occasions. In addition, leggings carry their own, distinctive characteristics. For example, there are leggings, which are clearly created for the purpose of yoga, there are others, which are better to hit the gym with, and finally, there are those, which are suitable for more stylish outfits. 

It is a good idea to have a few pairs of each type if you are planning to make the most of leggings this winter.

We have come to the end of our list of suggestions. As you can see, the world of leggings is certainly not as simple as it may seem at first. There are different tricks you can apply to your outfit to make leggings work for you all winter long. We hope that the suggestions found in this article will come in handy. Enjoy this winter with comfort and style!

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