how to wear a tank top like a pro

How to wear a tank top like a pro

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With the summer season in full speed and the sun out, it is only natural that we want to show off a bit more skin. Especially if we are fond of working out, regardless of whether it is indoors or out in the park, the heat can be difficult to cope with. This is why it is essential to choose your clothing carefully before starting your workout session. Even if you are not into cardio or extremely intense workouts but rather prefer a calm yoga session, the choice of gear is an important factor for comfort and ultimately – success.

While women have a wide array of options when it comes to sportswear, mean are a bit more limited in choice. If you think about it, it is okay for women to choose a simple sports bra with full support for the breasts and train comfortably. On the other hand, you have probably not really seen men wearing a lot of similar products. Instead, the typical men sportswear is a T-shirt with well-selected fabric or a tank top.

Although tank tops are a great option for the summer period or any other season if you love working out indoors, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to these fashion statements. In this article, we’ll share with you all you need to know about tank tops and help you wear one like a pro!

Where does the tank top come from in the first place?

The tank top may have turned into a popular item to have in the wardrobe but have you asked yourself where it actually came from?

Before the 1920s it was not well accepted for men or women to show their arms and the popular clothing was that which covered these parts of the body. During the twenties, a revolution in the fashion and clothing industry gave rise to a new concept. Women started wearing their hair shorter, revealing their knees while out from the house by wearing dresses and skirts and engaged in a lot of social contact with the opposite sex via dances or casual walks outside.  

In 1912 the Olympic Games introduced women’s swimming as a sport and it is interesting to see that the swimwear of the time was quite similar to today’s tank tops. However, an additional piece was added, which was similar to shorts and played the role of covering up the top half of the thighs. It is even more interesting to find out that back then, swimming pools were actually called swimming tanks. So a tank top was something worn in the swimming tank. 

A lot of similarities can be made between the tank tops of today and the tank tops used a swimwear back in the days. For instance, the use of straps is similar and ensuring freedom of movement. Later on, in the 30s and 40s, tank tops became a popular item to be worn by men in American movies. The typical characters which were dressed with tank tops were villains. The trend slowly became popular and a more diverse set of characters started wearing the item and by the 1970s, it was popular for everyone to wear tank tops. 

The trend continued onwards and today, we use tank tops for a casual evening with friends or for the guys – to hit the gym or play some basketball. They are also popular to wear on the beach or while shopping when the temperature is just too much to handle. 

All you should know about wearing a tank top

Pulling a tank top off is an achievable task but you must be well prepared. There are a few ground rules that guys should be aware of when choosing to wear this type of top. 

1. Cover up the nipple area

There are different types of tank tops and some will be more cut than others. You want to make sure that you choose carefully depending on the size and structure of the body to avoid any nipples sticking out. This is certainly a detail that may raise a lot of questions and potential concerns if worn out in public. Even if you are confident and proud of your body, it is not a good idea to show off too much. 

2. A bigger chest will take the tank top look to a new level

Of course, no one is expecting that if you wear a tank top you must have the body of The Rock. However, it is a good idea to try increasing the intensity of your chest workouts in order to achieve maximum results. Tank tops tend to look well on slimmer bodies as well but you will be more satisfied with the results if you work on the chest zone. 

A quick retouch of your workout routine with more focus on the upper body can work wonders for your tank top this summer. For instance, try adding renegade rows, wall walks, or a double-dumbbell bench press to your gym sessions or home workouts. 

3. Hair control 

Nowadays, it is common for guys to take regular care of hair as a sign of good hygiene. If you have chosen a tank top for your workouts or for your next beach trip, make sure that you have carefully checked what your upper body hair condition is. If you take regular care of this it will not be too much drama to get ready for your next adventure. However, if you have let the winter season take over it may require a bit of extra time and investment to get things under control.

4. Get some fashion examples

Now, if you are going to the gym or working out outdoors with your new tank top, it may not be fashion that you are after. Rather, chances are that you will be interested in the comfort, durability, and fit of the tank top. However, if you have chosen this item for going out, it may be a good idea to do your research and get some examples from people who have pulled off the tank top look. Get some inspiration online and check what other men have done to look amazing in a tank top. A useful tip is to keep an eye on the details.

5. Choose the right one

As with anything else when it comes to fashion, the choice is essential. There is a rich pool of options on the market today when shopping for tank tops and it may be difficult to make the right choice. Shop for bold colors or patterns that you can combine well with other items from your wardrobe. A nice tip is to go for a tank top that will fall just under your belt loops. Also, the tank top should let your arms breathe and remain free, while your abdomen should be covered and protected. 

6. The skin rule

This may come as a surprise to some but there is, in fact, a golden rule for showing skin. The amount of skin showing should not be more than the square inches covered by your tank top. This brings us back to the point we made earlier regarding the nipples. The armholes of the tank should not go further than your first rib. The neckline should end before the latitude of your pits. 

If you are shopping for tank tops online, it may be a good idea to visit a physical store just to do some checks. Try one different tank top sizes and types to see which works best for you. 

Tank tops to try

We have prepared two tank top suggestions for you to try this summer. They are both unique in design and fun to play around with when it comes to combining with other items from your wardrobe.

The Heart Skull Tank Top

You can certainly make a good impression during your workout at the gym or while at yoga class with this piece of clothing. The cool and unique design of the tank top will certainly attract attention all around you and will make you feel different (in a good way). The tank top includes large sugar skulls on the chest and back, with a pool of purple patterns that are mesmerizing to look at. In addition, the tank top is handmade and made from 100% high-quality polyester material, ensuring that you stay comfortable during your workout. 

The Yellow Tiger Tank Top

Another must-try tank top is our Yellow Tiger design. A stunningly designed tiger lays on the chest and back area of the tank top, bringing in a lot of energy and a fresh mindset for your workouts. The product is 100% gym proof, guaranteeing durability and the ability to withstand the hardest workout you could possibly imagine. Furthermore, the item is UV protected and made with UPF 40+ for sun protection. You can now finish your workout out in the sun without worrying too much about the skin under your tank top getting burns. 

We hope that the information we shared with you gives more insight into the world of tank tops and helps you wear your new piece of clothing with more confidence and self-esteem.

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