what activewear to choose for different body shapes

How to choose your workout clothes based on your body shape

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Getting into the habit of working out is one of the best things that you can add to your to-do list for this year. Regardless of whether you choose to hit the gym and work on toning your muscles, prefer a calmer way of exercising such as yoga, or would like to stay fit while exploring the country on a bike, it is important to carefully choose what you will wear. 

Activewear aims to help you feel as comfortable as possible while exercising and support your body during the process. However, not all clothing is perfectly fit for every body type. We are all so different and to feel at our best, it may be worth to invest some time in getting to know our body shape better in order to make the right selection of athletic clothes. 

In this article, we will look at some of the most commonly seen body shapes and make suggestions about the most suitable fitness outfits for each. After reading our tips, you will find that you will be able to choose an outfit that will perfectly accent and outline your curves. Let’s hop on the journey to looking and feeling amazing in your new sportswear!

The Pear Shape

When you think of a pear, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 

Well, the fruit is very popular for its shape and a lot of comparisons can be made from the everyday world that we live in. There is a certain body shape that resembles the form of a pear, which is why it has been given this name. Women with a pear body type usually have a larger lower body when compared to their upper body. 

The shoulders of the pear shape carriers are normally narrow and the breasts are relatively small. When comparing the hips to the shoulders, the hips usually prevail in size. The pear-shaped women mostly have rounded glutes and well-defined and curved waists.

How to choose an exercise outfit for the pear shape body?

Having in mind that the upper body of pear-shaped women is usually smaller in size and tighter, most women would prefer to grab attention with that part of the body rather than below the waist. In order to attract more attention to your upper body, choose workout clothing with a creative and beautiful neckline, design, and screaming colors. If you are fond of layering when you are exercising, make sure that whatever is underneath has an appealing and attractive color.

Sports tops and bottoms for pear-shaped women

To accent the shape of your body intelligently and to feel at your best in the gym or during yoga, choose close-fitting tops that accent on your small waist. Choose a top whose length will not extend beyond the hips. You can also define your waist even more by choosing a top with a princess cut. When it comes to bottoms, it is best to stick to the darker colors in order to make the lower part of your body look smaller and more compact. You are most likely to also extend your hips and legs visually. You can do this by selecting a pair of long, straight, and wide-leg trousers.

Is there anything that you should avoid wearing if you have a pear-shaped body? It may be a good idea to stay away from:

  • Tight-fitting leggings that put a focus on your hips 
  • Light-colored bottoms of leggings 
  • Extra-large tops that end at the hips which can further extend your size visually

The Rectangle body type

There are so many different types of body shapes that it may be a surprise for you when you start familiarizing yourself with all of them. It is normal that we feel amazing about some parts of our body while others we may sometimes prefer to hide or at least not put an emphasis on. 

The rectangle body shape is among the most popular types of bodies women have. The name of the body shape gives away the general form and silhouette. Women with this type of body are normally slender and may not always be very confident of their curves. The proportions of the waist, shoulders, and pelvis are almost the same and they are positioned in a similar way. 

This is not the only rectangle shape out there, however, The rectangle body shape can also be larger in figure size. In this scenario, the curves are still aligned in a similar way and are spread consistently throughout the body. The most typical property for this body shape is balance and no vivid accent on any particular muscle group. 

What should you wear you if have a rectangle body shape?

 The most important goal for women with rectangular body types is usually to create the illusion of more feminine curves. Clothing with rounded seams could certainly help in this case. In addition, when selecting the color design of your leggings, focus on those that have creative details centred on the hips and glutes. To add an extra level of curviness, experiment with bright colors. Bright colors have the tendency to expend the body visually, which is exactly what you need if you are going for curves. 

Another tip for creating the illusion of curviness is to wear a top and bottom in two separate and even contrasting colors. This may feel a bit strange at the beginning but it is great fun to play around with colors. Alternatively, try different layers to add extra volume to your body shape. 

Choosing tops and bottoms for the rectangle body shape 

In order to create more curves visually, you may want to choose a top which is pleated or has gathered effects. To make your waist look slimmer, choose a top with color panels in the waist area. Having an open neckline will also create the illusion of more curves and will help you bring out the best in your body type. If you are a fan of wearing sports bras, try wearing one with built-in pads for extra volume. 

When it comes to choosing your bottoms, go for straight leggings with a reversed waistband or choose the color wisely so that it makes your hips look larger than they really are. If you prefer to exercise in trousers, choose a pair with a rounded seam in the hips area, the thighs, and glutes. This will add some more curviness to your look.

If you’ve analyzed your body to have the rectangle shape, try staying away from:

  • Accruing colors and design patterns
  • V or scoop necklines
  • Sports bras that provide no extra volume in the breast area
  • A single-coloured outfit

The Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is mostly considered one of the harmonious body types, with balanced proportions. Women with this type of body usually have larger breasts and their waists are smaller and narrower when compared to their shoulders and hips. Just like the rectangle and pear shapes, the hourglass body type has its own set of characteristics and properties, which require special attention if you want to dress according to your body shape.

How to choose your activewear if you have an hourglass body shape

If you enjoy wearing tight clothes and often find yourself buying clothing which is a size below your actual size, you are in for a treat! Women with an hourglass body shape are advised to choose fitness clothing that is close-fitting and have the ability to demonstrate the beautiful shapes and curves. Flatter your figure and let its potential uncover before your eyes. 

Fitness tops and bottoms for hourglass bodies

When choosing a top to wear while exercising, go for a V-neck or low-cut neckline and place an accent on your breast area. We know that choosing the colors of your sports outfit is one of the most difficult tasks. For hourglass body shapes, the experts advise that contrasting color combinations are a perfect choice as they can flatter your waist additionally. Don’t let your tops go below the hip bones or above the area as you want to show off your thighs as much as possible. 

The bottoms should be close-fitting with a fitted waist. Regular models and high-waist leggings are ideal to balance the shapes and curves to a complete point of balance. In order to stay beautiful and comfortable at all times, avoid:

  • Oversized clothing that hides your figure
  • Showing off too much skin around the breasts
  • Outfits that are too tight
  • Intense fabrics that are too thick and heavy

There we have them! Three of the most popular body shapes, their characteristics, and advice on how to make them work for you in the gym or yoga studio. Now that you know what to do, choose your favorite pair of leggings, get a sports bra that will work wonders and achieve your next fitness goal with pleasure and confidence.

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