how to choose the right yoga clothes

How to Choose the Right Yoga Clothes

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Taking care of our bodies is among the most essential parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive mentality. One of the popular and highly efficient ways to look after your body and mind is by practicing yoga. Yoga is an ideal choice if you are looking to boost your flexibility, increase your strength, improve your posture, or even lose weight. Although the activity is not exactly associated with cardio-related exercises, yoga is beneficial for increasing your energy and taking the stress away. In addition, it helps with controlling your breathing better and filtering out negative thoughts trying to penetrate your mind.

A lot of people choose yoga with the aim of becoming more mindful and concentrated, peaceful, and tolerant. As you can see, some of the points we mentioned are focused more on the mental state of the individual rather than the physical. However, this should not give you the wrong impression. Yoga requires movement and it is certainly great for toning up the body. There are different types of yoga, which involve different levels of body flexibility and strength. 

the right yoga clothes
Start Yoga with the right clothes and equipment

In order to guarantee that your yoga workout will be enjoyable and successful, one of the first and most important steps is to choose your yoga outfit right. Unlike your regular trip to the gym, yoga will take you to a whole new world. The more prepared you enter, the better the experience.

In this article, we will share with you a few tips on choosing the right yoga clothes for your next yoga session. 

What to think about when selecting yoga clothes

It may be a bit daunting and overwhelming to have to choose your yoga outfit every time you go to a yoga studio to practice your new pose or asana. With the rich diversity available on the market today, the choice is hard to make. To avoid the head-wrecking dilemma, we have prepared useful advice when it comes to preparing your yoga clothes. Let’s look at the most important questions to ask:

Are your yoga clothes comfortable?

The pure and founding idea behind yoga is to reach a state of peace and comfort. How can we do that if the clothes that we are wearing are constantly irritating us? Maybe they are too tight or too lose? Are your yoga pants not allowing you to stretch to the fullest? Or maybe your tank top is moving from side to side, making you think about the way you look rather than allowing you to focus on the exercise? 

When selecting your yoga clothes, ensure that they are the right size and will provide the necessary comfort for the chosen yoga style. When you are trying on your future yoga clothes if possible try to move around as much as possible to establish the level of flexibility. 

Is your yoga outfit breathable?

We already mentioned that different types of yoga will require different levels of strength and movement. There are, however, yoga styles such as Ashtanga yoga, which are certainly physically demanding and are likely to make you sweat. If you have previous experience with working out and you know that you are among the people who do sweat to some extent when exercising, it is advisable to choose breathable and moisture-wicking material for your clothing. Choosing such clothes will ensure that you maintain normal body temperature and remain comfortable at all times. 

Materials such as cotton are not ideal as they tend to hold moisture. Cotton can decrease your comfort levels by making you hot and exposing you to the risk of getting chilled after class when you tone down. 

Are your clothes flexible enough?

Yoga from a physical perspective is all about bending, binding, stretching, lunging, rolling, and other similar exercises, which all involve a lot of flexibility. At first, your body may not be able to adapt fully but with practice, you will notice that you will start improving and you will be able to reach new levels. Your yoga clothes must be able to keep up with you and be as flexible as you need. The worst experience is being able to complete everything like a pro but being restricted by clothes.

Yoga leggings are a suitable choice for your daily yoga sessions. The best news is that yoga leggings often come in creative prints that can help you show your personality while exercising. Choose a design that best fits in with your personality, preferences, and vibe. You can play around with different colors and have different styles that can be worn depending on your current mood or goal of the workout. 

For instance, if you are preparing for an Ashtanga yoga session where a high dose of energy will be necessary, equip yourself with the Dracarys leggings, whose orange and red colors will certainly give you a burst of energy. On the contrary, if you are looking for a more spiritual and introverted experience, you can use the vibrant colors of the Psychedelic Mushroom leggings for the journey. Color can be wisely used to set the scene and help your body prepare for all that you have planned to take from yoga.

Have you thought about layering?

Especially if you live in regions with a colder climate, layering is a must. Chances are that things will get pretty heated up during the actual workout but going to yoga class and traveling back home after the workout is likely to be cooler. Exposing your heated body to cold may cause negative consequences and can be prevented via layering. Prepare well for every phase of the workout. You can use a lightweight jacket to wear over your yoga top and can even wrap it over you to ensure your muscles remain warm at the end of class.

At the core of the workout when your body is warm make sure that you have stripped any extra layers to ensure that your body temperature is not too hot, especially when visiting hot yoga classes.

Will you be receiving the support you need?

Support for your body is a must when it comes to yoga. Although this is relevant both for female and male, females are more vulnerable if the choice of top is not right. The selection of a sports bra will depend on numerous factors such as size, required coverage, protection needs, and more. The sports bra worn during yoga should be synchronized with the type of exercises that will be performed.

For example, power vinyasa is likely to demand extra support due to the twisting and inverting movements performed. On the other hand, a yin or restorative yoga requires low-level support as movements are not as extreme. It is okay to wear a sports bra alone during your yoga session with no T-shirt or tank top covering your body if this is how you feel most comfortable.

how to choose the right yoga clothes
It’s all about personal preferences

What are your personal preferences?

Depending on your lifestyle, body type, age, or other factors, you may have a different and unique style or set of preferences when it comes to yoga clothes. It is not necessary to try and fit in with the rest. It is rather important to uncover your personality and proudly wear the yoga clothes that make you feel most comfortable and relaxed in. 

For some, this may mean a loose tank top while others may prefer a sports bra. When it comes to leggings, some may prefer ankle leggings while others may find more freedom in wearing shorts or leggings that only extend to the knee. The fact is that you will not be able to define your yoga style until you have given yoga classes a few tries. 

Will your clothes distract you?

The answer to this question may not always be related to fashion.  When considering distraction when it comes to clothes think about any tags that are left behind and may cause irritation or itching, waistbands that can get in the way, collars, zippers, or more. Especially if you are exercising in a class with other people, try to limit the distraction for them as well. Yoga is an extremely peaceful and balance-oriented practice and concentration is one of its fundamental aims. 

how to choose the right clothes for yoga
Handmade clothing from GearBaron is perfect for Yoga

Choosing the wrong clothing can certainly get in the way and prevent you from getting the most of your yoga session. 

Yoga is among the best gifts that we can pamper ourselves with. As enriching and mind-soothing as the practice is, attempting the workout with a poor choice of clothing can lead to an unsuccessful result. In fact, it can even make you feel more frustrated than before you began your walk towards peace and balance. We hope that the suggestions we provided will help you make the right choice when it comes to the best yoga clothing. Choosing the right outfit will give you space to indulge in the beauty that the world of yoga has to offer.

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