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13 Creative Hacks To Integrate Exercise Into Your Day

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If you want to be healthy, exercise is a must. But life gets busy and it’s easy to get caught up in your day without realizing that you haven’t exercised at all. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to fit some time for fitness into your daily routine-you just need the right mindset and creativity! Here are 13 creative hacks for exercising more in your daily life and how to integrate exercise into your day.

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever possible. This is one of the easiest things to remember, because chances are you do it at least a few times a day. To make this more of a challenge, try sprinting up the stairs every other day.

2. Don’t feel like getting outside? Bring your workout inside! It’s easier than ever before to make room for fitness equipment in your home. If you want to invest a little money in it, you can get a full-body workout from a set of resistance bands or a treadmill.

If you live somewhere cold and always feel like staying indoors when the weather is bad, consider buying an exercise bike. These are comfortable, easy to use, and they won’t put any strain on your joints.

If you have a smartphone, download a fitness app to get in some extra steps while you’re out and about throughout the day. There are tons of free apps that will help you track your workouts and stay motivated, both outdoors and indoors!

3. Stretch in bed before getting up. This is a great option to start the day the right way. Do your favorite poses and stretch to every side for a few seconds. A nice side-stretch, seated twists and kneeing or seated cat-cows feel like magic in the morning after a night of good sleep.

4. Park farther away from work or home so that you’ll have to walk farther than usual. This sounds a bit odd and crazy at first. But having to walk 20 minutes in the morning will definitely get your blood flowing and wake you up. You can do anything for 20 min, even just walking!

5. Wall stretches during phone conversations. The next time someone calls you at work, lean against a wall while talking. The extra exertion will give your brain something to talk about. Just make sure to be a bit conservative with the energy you put into your stretches, because no-one likes heavy breaths on the other side of the line.

6. Lunch hour is crunch hour. This is one of the easiest times for an outdoor workout, because you’re doing something during lunch hour anyway. Why not sue your time for a short run, walk or even a workout? If it’s too cold or rainy outside, try jogging laps in the building where you work instead. If that isn’t an option, just pack a spare set of clothes and shower at the gym.

7. Get a bike to replace your usual commute vehicle, if possible. Biking is a great way to fit exercise into your day without even realizing it because you don’t have a set workout time or place every time you get on your bike. Just remember to keep pedaling!

8. Go walking during digital meetings or chats. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s a great way to fit in some extra steps during meetings. And getting some fresh air is certainly good for your brain and might improve the results of your meetings in a positive way. Just make sure you’re not too distracting with your bouncing around or dancing!

9. Jump rope for 5 minutes instead of brushing your teeth. This is another seemingly strange option that also works wonders because you can do it almost anywhere, anytime. It’s an easy, effective way to get your blood flowing and wake you up during the day.

10. Create challenges for yourself. This could be anything like doing 10 squats whenever you get a message on your phone or doing some jumping jacks once an hour. You can simply create an hourly alarm to remind your of doing your exercises. Be creative and make those habits fun!

11. Use cooking time cleverly. While you’re waiting for your food to heat up, why don’t you use the spare time to do some stretches, push ups, squats or calf raises? I mean, you’re waiting anyway.

12. Combine watching TV with exercises. Do some Yoga poses during your favorite show or get some crunches done during commercial breaks. And if you’ve not done your daily stretches, this is the best time to do it.

13. Remind yourself to do something every hour. This may sound simple, but this can be really really effective. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you every hour to stand up and take a few steps. Or do some stretches. While this doesn’t sound like much, these little exercises add up over the course of the day. And a few extra steps and stretches don’t hurt.

Exercise is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle. But it can be hard to find the time and motivation to work out when we’re busy all day! That’s why today we looked at 13 creative hacks that will help you incorporate exercise into your daily life in an easy way-without even realizing it sometimes. Whether you want some quick stretches before bed or need a clever idea for something new to do during lunch hour, these tips are sure to help get your blood pumping more often throughout the day. If you’ve found success with one of these ideas, let us know about it down below! We’d love hearing how this article has helped improve your health habits.

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