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10 leggings designs you gotta love

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Simplicity is an essential part of beauty and fashion but we are all tempted to play around with colors when it comes to our outfits, at least from time to time. And the perfect time to do so is during our workout. Regardless of whether you prefer to train at a busy gym with friends, to jog in the park solo, or to focus on your workout at home in peace and quietness, your sports kit is one of the most important things when it comes to a successful workout. 

We’ve all probably agreed by now that leggings are the best invention ever, providing full support, comfort, and pleasure while training, and not only. Leggings are not only an ideal choice for the gym but they can easily be matched with your wardrobe for other occasions such as a casual meet up with friends, a lecture at university, or a weekend getaway with your loved one. In other words, leggings rock! 

With the huge variety of leggings out there, it might be difficult to make the right choice. In this article, we have prepared a list of 10 awesome printed leggings worth having. We will look at the patterns in more detail and see who they can change our mood or be of use in other situations. 

Here we go!

The right leggings for you

Before we start with our selected leggings, it is worth sharing a few pointers on choosing the right leggings that will make you feel awesome and capable of achieving anything! For starters, make sure that the type is suitable for you. There is a range of different leggings types when it comes to length, including ankle leggings, 3/4th length, and more. Your choice of workout will have a say in the choice as well as your personal preferences. 

Second, the fabric is essential for your comfort. For instance, if you will be working out in the mountains, where the climate is harsher, chances are that you will feel better with thick fabric that will preserve the heat and make your muscles feel warm and safe. On the other hand, if you are a gym addict and like to sweat indoors, your skin will need to breathe, therefore lighter fabric is advisable. For yoga, you will need extremely stretchy material to allow you to perform at your best. 

These are only two of the important factors to consider before purchasing leggings. If you are buying your new pair of leggings online, it may be useful to arrange a trip to your local shopping center to try different sizes and types of leggings to make a note of what works best for you.

Tip: Take a measurement of your waist, hips, and inseam and check the sizing charts to match your size with the stores’ products for maximum efficiency. This way you will avoid the hassle of returning items or swapping your leggings for a different size. 

We are now ready to move on to the list of 10 gorgeous printed leggings design pattern ideas!

Dracarys Leggings

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? These leggings represent burning flames and you certainly don’t have to be enthusiastic about Game of Thrones to find them attractive and appealing. Both legs are covered in flaming dragon fire and are a great way to bring the heat up while working out. The vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors will make you feel warm regardless of the weather and will give your energy levels a boost. 

Interesting fact: Our Dracarys leggings are printed, cut, and sewn by hand. 

Sunrise Mandala Leggings

The Sunrise Mandala leggings are a perfect choice for a morning routine or a quick morning yoga session. The light yellow and orange colors will help you wake up and start the day with a smile. There is a lot of hidden meaning behind the mandala patterns on leggings and learning more about the beautiful shapes will change the experience of wearing these leggings for sure. These printed leggings will make your body shape look even more amazing and can be an inspiration for healthy living. 

White Mandala Leggings

They may be called White Mandala leggings but they certainly don’t contain only one color. In fact, a splash of colors makes these leggings extremely visually appealing. They can be compared to an intricate rainbow and a mix of different vibes. The true art takes place towards the lower parts of the legs, while the waist is sealed in pure white. The mandala patterns on these leggings are even more dynamic due to the color splash which almost seems like it was done by accident. A true piece of art that can be proudly worn during any workout.

Interesting fact: These leggings can help you achieve the perfect legs thanks to their 4-way-stretch. You no longer have to worry about undesired rolls or wrinkles. 

Floral Skull Girl Leggings

floral skull girl leggings mexican sugar skull yoga pants gym and fitness wear

Inspired by the day of the dead, these leggings will let you show true personality and can be a bold statement in the gym. The feminine beauty is mixed with the idea of the dead to create this masterpiece. The background includes floral patterns in red and pink colors to make this design even more stunning. These leggings can easily be matched with a black T-shirt and be worn for other occasions apart from working out. Be creative, there are so many options for the Floral Skull Girl Leggings. 

Dark Camouflage Leggings

dark camouflage leggings yoga pants gyn and fitness wear activewear

Camouflage patterns have officially made their return in the fashion world and most people nowadays possess at least one camouflage-patterned item. This pattern can be nicely combined with a plain T-shirt or sports bra for the ultimate comfort while working out. The dark camouflage leggings are ultra-stylish and are not only ideal for staying in shape but can be worn out to the cinema, to a meet up with friends, or while traveling. A perfect sports item to have in the wardrobe! 

Interesting fact: Our leggings are 100% squat proof and you can confidently bend, turn, or squat without worrying about any negative consequences. 

  Blue Aquarell Stripe Leggings

blue aquarelle leggings with stripes yoga gym and fitness wear sports clothing

If you are fond of lighter colors and navy blue, these patterned leggings will be like a dream come true! The stripes that span from the waist to the ankle on the side of the leggings adds something new and exciting to the design, while the interplay between navy blue and white will makes you feel extremely comfortable and gentle. Perfect for yoga practice or meditation, these colors will heal your mind, calm your body, and provide therapy for your soul. The leggings are not only brilliant to look at but provide maximum comfort and the best material, being 82% polyester and 18% spandex.

Peace Dreamcatcher Leggings 

peace dreamcatcher leggings yoga pants sports wear

Regardless of whether you are into spiritual experiences or are simply looking for a creative and color bursting pair of leggings, the Peace Dreamcatcher ones are certainly the right ones for you! This design clearly states peace and is a great way for you to express yourselves. After all, peace should not only be dreamt of but shown to the world, right? The large peace signs on the sides of the leggings are a great way to spread to love and represent the concept of peace and love. The design also encourages the idea that dreaming is important and we shouldn’t forget about it, regardless of our age, race, or culture. 

Interesting fact: All of our products are created with UPF 40+ and offer sun protection for your skin.

Green Sparkle Shiva Leggings

green sparkle leggings with shiva and 7 chakra designs gym and fitness wear sports clothing

Another pattern full of meaning, the Green Sparkle Shiva Leggings are perfect for the yoga lovers out there, who enjoy a calm and relaxing yoga workout at home or with friends at the yoga studio. The green colors are soothing, while the visual representation of the God Shiva with the 7 Chakra symbols will surely take you on a spiritual journey. Try your Yoga Asanas with these leggings and feel the difference!

Watercolor Dream On Leggings

water-colour dream on leggings sports gym and fitness clothing

The patterns on the Watercolor Dream On Leggings are ideal for art enthusiasts, especially those fond of watercolors and the splash of different nuances. You can explore different shades of color on this design and let your mind wander as much as it likes. Comfortable, stretchy, providing the right support for any workout, these leggings are suitable for different environments and are extremely eye-catching with its rich and dynamic design.

Mint 2 Azure Yoga Leggings

mint to azure collared yoga leggings with a lotus flower at the ankles gym and fitness wear

Although the name of the leggings includes the word yoga, don’t let this confuse you that there are only suitable for yoga practice. These leggings are extremely comfortable and can be worn to the gym, to the park, or other places where you like to train. The design shows simplicity as the leggings are predominantly navy blue, with a small detail around the ankle zone, where a beautiful lotus flower is placed. The lotus flower represents purity and beauty and is a great way to show your legs some love!

Our list ends here but the variety of patterned leggings is far more diverse than we can cover in one article. We hope that our suggestions will be of use when you decide to purchase your new leggings. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, shapes, and styles. Express yourself and share the love with the rest!

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